A recipe for losing one’s mind: go abroad for an extended period of time to a point where you are accepted into and understand another culture quite well. A culture where you are highly respected for what you do, where the people are so friendly you have to hide from them and where the costs associated with a good life are minuscule. Then, go back to a culture and nation that you once thought “yours”; a culture where you are nobody, a culture where what you do is criticized regularly and you don’t make a living wage. Add in the fact that friends from the foreign culture still contact you quite regularly and tell you that you should be back in the other culture with them.

Trước đây, tôi nói: “Long Xuyên là quê hương thứ hai của tôi.”
Bây giờ, tôi nói: “Việt Nam là quê hương của tôi bởi vì tôi nhớ đất nước đó nhiều quá.”

Bây giờ, tôi luôn luôn nhớ những chữ của Bác Hồ: “Việt Nam trong trái tim tôi.”

Tôi hi vọng tiếng Việt tôi đúng; tôi quên nhiều quá rồi…


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