Ha! These last few days have been rainy and drizzly and it’s cooler today and I’m wishing I wore a long-sleeved shirt or something to work to fend off the dampness of the cold. Yesterday was Mothers’ Day, in addition to being my mother’s birthday, and we had the first family cook out of the year, and I cooked veggie burgers and even found some veggie bratwurst for myself. I have to admit that I didn’t seem to remember the finer points of lighting charcoal briquettes, especially in a drizzle. It took dad and Bryan (my brother-in-law) and me standing around and talking about everything to get the grill nice and hot, just the way it should. (There is a picture somewhere of Josh, Issa and me grilling, and that was the last time I’ve cooked that way at my house…).

But now the weekend is gone — a weekend that also featured my first motorcycle ride in America. I was over visiting the neighbors, and one of their sons was home from Chicago, and he’d recently bought a 1978 Honda bike, and he took me for a spin around the country roads near his house, sometimes reaching 70 mph, which was much faster than I’ve ever been while riding on two wheels. Tempting, yes, but I just don’t know how practical a motorcycle would be for me right now…


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