Well, the second baseman for the Cleveland Indians, Asdrubal Cabrera, turned an unassisted triple play last night, which was only the 14th in major league history. Unfortunately, the Indians weren’t able to beat the Blue Jays in extra innings, but it’s still a historic event.

Yesterday was a Monday routine of buying expensive food and gasoline and then coming home to watch Arrested Development for some time before reading a good book and then fading off to sleep before being woken by the jangling ringing of my cell phone around midnight. I went back to sleep.

This morning I was pulling on my socks when this song came on the computer, and it seems a little like the situation today: not much money coming in, and expensive stuff just to get by. So here’s Pete Seeger singing “Seven-Cent Cotton and Forty-Cent Meat.”

Seven-Cent Cotton and Forty-Cent Meat MP3

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