I heard something on the radio today about smokers and how they’re more likely to quit smoking if people around them or people within three degrees of knowing them quit also. This reminded me of when I went to the local health department when I got back from Vietnam for my physical, and after they asked me if I smoked, and I said yes, they said they were starting a program to help smokers quit soon. Well, I wanted to say it then, but I didn’t, so I’ll say it now: I don’t want to quit smoking because I like smoking! I like the taste and smell of tobacco leaves and the smoldering fire they produce. I like sitting and thinking about the world and life while the beautiful smoke billows around me. I hate these stories about people quitting smoking; I hate totalitarian bans on smoking; and I enjoy my old tobacco use. So here are two songs that mention smoking and/or tobacco:

Tom Waits singing Warm Beer and Cold Women MP3

Or buy Tom Waits music on Amazon

And we also have some song that I don’t know the artist, but it’s an Irish tune and it’s called All for Me Grogg MP3


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