I suppose there are a few things that I can take away from last weekend in Chicago:

-Phil, Doug, and Sarah are weird for not hanging out.
Erin M. is possibly the lamest person ever for not hanging out.
-My brother is an asshole in general (but we all knew that anyway).
Lillian is awesome for putting up with a ton of people she didn’t know.

That pretty much sums up the weekend. Oh yeah, and Dylan — my younger brother — got married which leaves me the only person in the family who is still single.

I suppose a large chunk of the days in Chicago were spent traversing the city, either for wedding related activities or just wandering around with Lillian, which included a trip to a manufactured “Chinatown” and meeting up with Christine (who previously worked for VIA and now Lillian is in her position).

It was a good time with some good moments, including me dancing with Dylan’s very short mother-in-law while wearing an ao dai. We’ll just leave it at that…


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