Nearly every weekday morning when I’m in the kitchen scrounging around for coffee and food for the day, I turn on the TV to see what the morning news has to say. Unfortunately, PBS doesn’t have a morning news show, so I’m subjected to commercials every few minutes while I’m grinding coffee or getting some fruits and veggies together for lunch.

This morning, one particular commercial caught my ear. It was a car commercial saying that some company would wave the payments on the car for the first three months. Then I started thinking, “Do people actually fall for this? Is this country one where marketing people really think they can get people to buy a car just by saying they don’t have to make payments for three months, never mind that you’ll have to keep paying for like five years or something?”

So do people actually fall for these little advertising gimmicks? Or do most people think like me and listen absorb the information in these commercials with a critical ear?


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