I’ve been keeping myself quite busy between the paper and delivering pizzas and some other projects that have to be kept under wraps for the sake of surprise. However, I’ve been feeling a little guilty for not keeping up the garden like I should and need to get on that during the weekend when I’ll be around the house again.

The weather here continues to confuse me because the last two days have been cool — I would say cold — and I keep thinking that it’s supposed to be warm and hot this time of year. And life seems to have fallen into a rhythm and I’m wary to say if I’m fond of it or not. It’s sort of the wake up, make coffee, pack lunch, eat breakfast, go to work thing that kinda gets to me. Some people relish monotony, but I’m still on the borderline of my mind and not sure if it’ll lead to an assurance of stability or eventually to some mental collapse; I’m still trying at this age to figure out my own personality and which side I fit into.


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