One of the worst feelings in the world is when you have a dream that you were not able to sleep last night, and then wake up remembering that dream. Such a thing happened to me yesterday morning, and although I made it through my day at the newspaper without collapsing on my desk because of my exhaustion, real or imaginary, I arrived home in a foul mood that has continued today. The other day, I noticed that the right-front tire on my car was low on air, so yesterday I stopped to put some air in it, and to improve the fuel efficiency as well. However, when I couched down to put air in the tire, I saw steel looking back at me. “Yikes!” I thought, “this isn’t safe and I’ll need to get new tires tomorrow when the stores are open.” And my next thought was, “Goddamnit, this is going to be fucking expensive.” That same sentiment is still with me now, the next morning with my car at the shop. I hate having to depend on a car, I hate car insurance, I hate having to buy gas, I hate expensive repairs and maintenance on cars, etc. Screw cars! Gimmie a train or a motorbike any day…


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