John McCain is a retarded piece of shit and should not even be running for office. There, I said it.

The McCain campaign has been airing TV ads in Ohio that do their best to equate high gas prices with Barack Obama. Despite the ridiculousness of this idea, I’m sure that the a good number of Ohioans are falling for it hook, line and sinker because the majority of this state hasn’t attended college yet worships the ground on which a college football team walks.

Regardless, I decided that I am much more qualified to run for president than Mr. McCain. Observe the following objective analysis:

-McCain spent about 5.5 years in Vietnam. I spent about 3 years in Vietnam. Compared to our respective ages that’s about 7.6 percent of his life in Vietnam and 12 percent of my life in Vietnam, hence, I have more foreign experience than he. Some people will claim that he was tortured in Vietnam, well, I had to fill out monthly expense reports while I was there which were like torture. Think about this folks: I endured more torture (relatively speaking) in Vietnam than John McCain.

-I did not divorce my first wife because she was disabled in a car wreck.

-I did not call my second wife a cunt in front of reporters.

-I do not make up stupid shit (i.e., I don’t blame my political opponents for higher gas prices).

-I can lift my arms above my head.

-I’ve never had cancer and I don’t have a swollen glad in my left cheek.

-I do not cash my Social Security check every month and hence I do not drain the U.S. economy.

-I am not a Republican.


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  1. I have had alot of free time on my hands.I have been surfing the net and i found your blog and it amassed me how much we have in common.I am from kentucky.I also have lived in VN but i am back in the states now.I was married to a Vn lady but it did not work out but i am engaged to Vn girl now.Most of the time i never comment on blogs i simply do not have the time.And i respect everyones right to there belives.But your comment on McCain is so rude and stupid and shows no respect what so ever.How dare u say you endured more hardship then he did In VN.I know how hard all the paperwork and crap in VN can be.But it in no way shape or form compares to what mccain went through.I have been to the prison in Hanoi he stayed at and belive me it is not a nice place even though now it is all cleaned up for the tourist.Also u always crap on how bad the USA is.I agree alot of things in Vn i find alot more fun then here.But i would never trade this counrty for all of asia.

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