I’m starting to get really pissed off at the West’s horribly disdainful and biased coverage of the Olympics in Beijing. This article was in the New York Times this morning, and they could only hold off until the until the fourth paragraph before quoting some people saying that the Chinese team was cheating, despite the Chinese team winning the gold in gymnastics.

Also, the media here are drooling on the fact that the fireworks display for the opening ceremony was faked, and that the little girl singing was actually lip-syncing. I have a phrase for them: “Shut the hell up!” Where were you when the present administration conned most of the populace into an unjustified invasion on false pretenses? Five-and-a-half years ago, the U.S. media was all patriotic and gung-ho for war, patriotism, USA, rah-rah-rah. No serious, probing questions were asked about invading a sovereign nation then, but now, every slight thing that can be questioned, or even better, negatively skewed, about another emerging superpower is being iterated by the U.S. and Western media. The U.S. media needs to stop searching for stupid, unimportant “scandals” involving the Olympics just because they’re in China this year.

So here’s a message to the U.S. in general: This nation is a declining economic and military superpower. China is emerging to be the next superpower (the argument could be made that they already are the next superpower because they’re bought all of the U.S.’s debt). Get over it. This country has been mismanaged to the point of decline.

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