The Republicans are convening in Minnesota this week, which means speeches that don’t make a lot of sense and more attack ads airing on TV against Barack Obama. The latest thing that’s I’ve been noticing in the stupid speeches and these pointless attack ads is the issue of taxes. These attack ads are kind of humorous in a way, until you realize that the idiots voting are actually going to believe them.

So, in the ads and the speeches the Republicans, desperately trying to cling to the power that they once had, are saying that Democrats will raise taxes. And they keep repeating this. And this is the oldest Republican play in the book: Accuse the democrats of raising taxes. If anyone cares to remember, when Bush took office in early 2001, he pushed through his agenda of cutting taxes so that people like my family got $300, while families that made much more money got a rebate of like $40,000. That’s how the Republicans cut taxes, with most of the money going to the wealthy. The Democrats’ plan is to increase taxes on businesses (their sole job is to make money, not exist) and families that make over $250,000 a year. If your family makes less than that amount, your taxes will actually go down. Due to the fact that the majority of Americans make far less than $250,000, I would think that the majority of voters would back the Democrats’ plan.

However, the Republican attack machine just keeps saying in ads and speeches that the Democrats’ are going to raise taxes. These ads and speeches don’t give any details, they just try to place Democrats and taxes in the same like of thinking. And the very sad and unfortunate thing is that I’m sure some people will not vote for the Democrats because of these ads, and miss out on a chance for a tax cut because they were lied to by the Republicans.

Another separate issue that I would like to address at this point, is all of the politicians’ talk about the so-called “middle class.” This nearly mythical class of people seems to need constant placation in speeches. However, this class is in reality, nearly non-existent. However, politicians in both parties talk and talk about this class, saying they need tax breaks and opportunities, etc. Politicians hope that people continue to identify themselves with the middle class in order to propagate the republic-military-capitalism system. If people don’t identify themselves with the middle class, they fall into one of two categories: the haves or have nots. If the nation was divided into one of these groups, the latter far outnumbers the former, and social unrest would ensue, thus leading to the revolution of the masses that we all desperately want, but no one wants to lead.

If you read any of the data on income trends, you will notice that the gap between rich and poor has grown over the last century. Because of capitalism’s grasp over this nation and most of the Western world, it will only be a matter of time before the have nots stand up and say: “Enough!” The dream of a classless society is achievable within our lifetimes.

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