There have been so many things since I last updated this blog months ago. Every time I thought about updating, I just felt more and more overwhelmed with things to write, and kept putting everything off. But there are two major things to note now, if one wishes to be “updated” on my life:

-One: I’ve been to Europe
-Two: I’m back in Long Xuyen and have a job as an English teacher in a private center, which pays much more than volunteering ever did

The latest issue that I’ve been waltzing with is that of housing. When I first came to Long Xuyen, I was living in my manager’s house. After a few days there, I was informed that I had to move on police orders. After that I was living in a house along with two other Filipino teachers, but the house was far from downtown, hot and noisy. Finally, I found house for rent for less than 200 USD a month, and I also found a French roommate. The two of us lived there for around a month and a half before the landlord finally got scared of the laws of the province and gave us three days to leave. As it had taken me a month to find the house for rent in the first place, I knew I couldn’t find a place in four days. So for the past several days I’ve been living in a hotel (where having cable TV is very distracting) and waiting for the paperwork to be finished so I can move to a well-appointed room that overlooks the lake in town.

I still enjoy my life here in this small city that was once described in a guidebook as “the black hole of the delta.” I never cease to be greeting with smiles from people of all ages and have several times been surprised when I am told that people know me even though they’ve never met me.

However the holidays were rather meager for me as I only got one day off for Christmas and another day off for New Years. I suppose that I should just get used to things like that as doctors and police don’t get holidays off either.

And I’ve been wondering what career path in the future is actually meant for me. I still enjoy teaching, but I don’t have as much freedom in my current job as I did when I worked for the university. Sometimes I think back to the time I spent as a reporter in Ohio and wonder if I could write in Vietnam. I was in email contact with Lonely Planet, but finally was told that I hadn’t been accepted to write for them either. Oh well, so it goes. At least in this place my patience isn’t being stressed and squeezed to the point of breaking like it was back in the states.

So, this wasn’t much of a detailed update, but I’ll try to keep them coming more regularly now.


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