The first significant rain of the year. It’s been sweltering lately, including today at lunchtime. Yesterday I went to lunch with a couple friends and one of them said that it was 38 degrees Celsius out (for those of you still back in the States, 38 Celsius is 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit). So imagine the weather being over 100 degrees every day for at least two weeks, along with the air brimming with humidity that comes before the rainy season, along with several days were the sky made some pathetic attempts to rain. I think it was affecting the mental well-being of people, not only me…

Well, after sweating my way through lunch and coffee today, I was teaching the noisy kids and I saw the lightning and heard the thunder. And then, finally, I heard the rain start to fall. Not only heavily but also consistently, which is what has been lacking for so long.

At the moment it’s been raining about 1.5 hours and it’s tapering off, but still drizzling. The atmosphere has changed, like the humidity has been sucked out, and it feels so much cooler.

However, the rain also brings wet motorbike seats and flooded streets (remember that Long Xuyen is only like 2 meters [again, for those in the States, 2 meters is almost the same as 2 yards] above sea level. But right now I’m enjoying the relief from the heat.


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