Weight / Badminton

I’m 82 kilograms (180 pounds). It’s possible that I haven’t weighed this must since 2002. The only thing I can accredit it to is badminton. I’ve tried for years to start an exercise regime, but end up getting bored soon after and lapsing back into lethargy. But badminton has kept me interested for more than a year now. I discussed this once with Michael H., and we decided that just exercising is boring; that motivation is needed. Michael said that he needs to chase a ball (as in soccer) and I said that I need to chase a shuttlecock. It certainly does feel better to be a bit physically active and get soaked in sweat a few times a week.

I had a good day at badminton yesterday and got thoroughly exhausted to the point that my arm is a bit sore today. But I played hard and got some good wins. Maybe that’s another reason why plain old exercise is boring: there’s no chance of winning.


2 thoughts on “Weight / Badminton”

  1. Gah! In my attempts to run I usually got bored because there was no sense of competitiveness and I couldn’t win. You, Stako, oh running master, are far beyond me and can compete with yourself, and I applaud you.

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