Porsches and Pasty Foreigners in Long Xuyen

Yesterday evening I saw a Porsche Cayman driving along a narrow street in Long Xuyen. This particular kind of Porsche is very good looking and the one that is occasionally spotted in Long Xuyen is yellow.

Yellow Porsche Cayman

However, I felt bad when I saw this beautiful automobile just creeping through the streets because of all the motorbikes. Then I past by and noticed a woman was driving it. Then I really felt bad. It’s like this car was sent to automotive hell: “Your punishment is to live in Long Xuyen, Vietnam, AND be driven by a woman,” said the Satan of Cars to this particular Porsche.

At lunchtime today, I was driving home through the hot sun and noticed a pasty foreigner crossing the central square in Long Xuyen.  He was wearing a sun hat, sunglasses, shorts (hence the noticeable pastiness) and hiking boots.  I wondered why he was wearing a sun hat, shorts and hiking boots.  Did he expect to get lost in the jungle somewhere in the metropolitan area?  Or had his Lonely Planet or other crappy guidebook told him that Vietnam was still 98% covered with canopy jungle?

Seeing this dweeb reminded me of a certain professor that comes to An Giang University every year, and every time I’m seen him, he’s wearing boots, cargo pants and a khaki vest.  It’s like he expects to be on safari here.  I wouldn’t be surprised if these foreigners–who tend to be middle-aged men and on a quest to find some sort of glory, as can be seen with their safari/jungle gear–don’t start wearing pith helmets and white linen suits.


3 thoughts on “Porsches and Pasty Foreigners in Long Xuyen”

  1. you moved your blog? I had no idea. I take slight offense to you comment about women drivers, but i can’t say too much… my driving record is pretty crappy.

  2. Eric,

    i ran across your blog through my wife’s. I think I know that certain professor. I will be in Long Xuyen this summer. Don’t worry you wont see me in jungle gear. lol

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