Bad Experience

I just at a very typical and annoying experience with who I assume to be is a Viet Kieu (a Vietnamese person from overseas). I went to a cafe and just sat down and was taking out my computer and a man walked over from across the room and said rather loudly, “Excuse me, where are you from?” This was annoying simply due to the fact that I was just taking out and starting up my computer and didn’t want to be engaged in trivial conversation at the moment. “She wants to know,” the man continued, gesturing to a middle-aged woman sitting across the room.

“I’m from America,” I said curtly.

“Where do you live in America?” the man continued, not taking the hint.

“I live here,” I replied, again curtly.

“But where do you live in America,” the man continued, really not taking the hint.

“I live here,” I said again, this time louder.

The man then walked back to his table and announced loudly, this time in Vietnamese:

“He’s American, but he lives here.”

Such encounters with Viet Kieus, when they just want to show off to the entire establishment that they can speak English, really annoy me, probably more than little kids running up and screaming “HELLO!” It’s just an attempt by certain people to show that they’ve lived abroad and therefore (the usual assumption goes) they have more money and they’re better than “normal” Vietnamese people.

This is not to say that all Viet Kieus are like this, but it tends to be middle-aged Viet Kieus who feel like they have something to prove to others. In general, just very annoying.

2 thoughts on “Bad Experience”

  1. Oh! Tell me about it. I went back to Vietnam recently, and came across Vietkieus just like the one you’ve encountered. Loud and obnoxious. Plain annoying if you ask me, especially when I try to blend in, and go as unnoticed as possible. Pretty hard when my Vietnamese conversational skills don’t compare to locals, and the fact I’m as pale as a ghost.

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