Okay, here’s an odd juxtaposition of some music that I’ve been listening to.  First of all, we have a couple songs from the Mr. T Experience, a band that I was introduced to as a teenager.  Recently, due to circumstances beyond my control, I’ve had to rebuild my music library. Through this process, I was able to download the entire Mr. T Experience discography.  In the course of listening to these songs that are new to my ears, I’ve come across two that I really like.

First we have Unpack Your Adjectives, which, in the true nature of the band is a catchy yet dorky song about grammar.

And what would MTX be if they didn’t sing hopeless and corny love songs? The legend is that at every gig, Dr. Frank, the lead singer, would introduce every song with the sentence, “This is a song about a girl.” In that vein, we have More Than Toast.

Now for the odd juxtaposition stuff: some old folk music. I was introduced to Doc Watson by someone I don’t remember, but again, due to these circumstances beyond my control, I downloaded more of his music and stumbled across The Storms Are On the Ocean. I’d heard variations of this song before, but this one struck me and I really like the harmony.

And finally, because I was so struck with the song above, I listened to more of the album, and heard this song. The flatpicking is so good (you should know that Doc Watson has been blind for almost his whole life) and the harmonies are so tight… This is what folk music should be like. Without further ado, here’s Ridin’ That Midnight Train.


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