I’m Back

Wow.  Talk about writer’s block.  I haven’t posted here since September last year.  Incredible.  I did get busy starting grad school, and then my parents came to visit me and attend my wedding.  I got married in December, and then the holidays were upon me, and now in about two more weeks the biggest holiday in Vietnam, Tet, will be upon us.

I tend to go through phases with blogs.  Phases of writing tons and then stopping.  And all this past time must just be one of those valleys in my writing cycles.

So many things are new for me right now.  Just yesterday, Ngân and I finished moving out of our old place and into a new apartment.  It’s quite a nice place, nicer than any other place that I’ve lived in Vietnam.  Private yet airy, enough room for me to study, and there’s no TV to suck time away.  Ngân has already taken up the guitar.  I have to say that so far I love not having a TV around.  Maybe I can get more writing done too.

So, no real theme for this post.  Just need to break the ol’ writer’s block.

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