The Impossible: Migrating (formerly) Haloscan comments to

Is this impossible? Are there things that seem this simple that are just not possible even in our age of technological wizardry?  Some time ago I brought my blog over here to WordPress after using Blogspot for years.  I felt like the layout had just gotten too cluttered after all my years of adding to it and wanted a fresh start.  Migrating the posts went fine.  The Blogspot comments, they were fine too.  However, for most of the life of that blog, I used what was formerly known as Haloscan for my comments.  Haloscan died and was reborn as Echo.

From my old Haloscan user ID, I was able to obtain an .xml file of all the comments on my blog that had used Haloscan.  However, Echo is now a pay service, and other than providing the .xml file, they were useless, unless I pay (which I absolutely refuse to do).

Of course I tried adding the .xml file with the WordPress importer, but that did nothing.  I checked if I could put the comments back to normal Blogspot comments, but that didn’t work either.

Unfortunately, at this point, it looks like I’m stuck.  I can’t get these comments from my old blog which I ran for years to the new blog.  I don’t want to simply delete all of these comments either.  So for the sake of posterity, I guess I just have to leave things as they are for now.

I hope that I can find some website that will give me some advice on how to do this, or that someone who has successfully done this will contact me somehow, but for the moment, if someone wants to check out all the old comments, you have to go check out the old blog which is still there: As I See It, Blogspot version.

Update: I sent a message to support and they actually got back with me!  They were just asking for more info, but at least it’s a start…

Update 2: The support guy couldn’t help me or even give me any helpful suggestions.  Still stuck like I was before.


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