Seven Years to the Day

Seven years ago to the day, in 2004 as I was preparing to come to Vietnam to work with the Mennonite Central Committee, I created a blog on Blogspot and wrote the first post. I was inspired by a volunteer who was serving in Vietnam before me and liked the way that his thoughts and experiences were easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

I migrated the blog from Blogspot to nearly a year and a half ago to kinda start from a clean slate again (I’d cluttered the other site with pictures and more links than were necessary). But I’ve kept it going for seven years.

There are plenty of times when I go through dry spells (I don’t think that writer’s block is the appropriate term in my case) and don’t post for a month or more, but I always get motivated about something and come back and start writing again.

Let’s see how a couple things have changed since 2004:

-There was no Gmail for the public (it was invitation only beta then).
-It would be three years until the iPhone was released (imagine life before smartphones).
-Gas in Ohio sold for $1.64 a gallon (it’s $3.18 as of today in the town near my home).
-I was highly skeptical that an African-American man would ever be elected president in my lifetime (and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one).

I see no end in sight for this blog and will continue to write, and I always hope that my posts will be more consistent. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment; it is the interaction with others that I enjoy the most.

Keep writing.


4 thoughts on “Seven Years to the Day”

  1. Keeping at it for 7 years puts you in some top elite group! Most people would have long abandoned their blogs.

    There were smartphones years before the iphone, even in 2004!

  2. 7 years is an achievement. Many marriages don’t make it that long!

    I enjoy your blog – I hope you keep writing for another 7 years, at least!

  3. I am new to blogging and am not sure why I decided to get out of bed to make one. Reading your blog entries over the past few hours has really inspired me to go ahead and do it. I love your writing and your topics, its very enjoyable especially since you are in Viet Nam. I will be returning as a volunteer in January if I save enough money to support myself. I shall be working in Hoi An for 6 months. I shall be “following” you :]

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