SwiftKey Fun!

I have been using the SwiftKey X keyboard for my Desire HD for about a month now, and I really like it. One of the optional things that Swiftkey is able to do is scan selected apps where you type to get a sense of how to predict words depending on the circumstances. Also, you can set the app so that when you hit the space bar, it automatically enters the suggested word.

That’s a lot of predicting using a lot of information.

I decided to see what would happen if I didn’t type anything and just started hitting the space bar so that it keeps entering predicted words from previous conversations. Unfortunately, it predicts the same stuff regardless of what program I’m using, but the result is pretty silly. Here are the three sentences that it predicts with me just hitting the space bar:

“I am a beautiful person. I have to go to the tutorial this evening. The creator of the most important thing is that the information you need to download the latest news and information on the Internet.”

The funniest thing is I don’t think I’ve ever written stuff like this on my phone, ever.


The conclusion of my letter writing project, round 1

On June 17th, 2011, I send out a message on Twitter and Facebook asking friends outside of Vietnam if they would like to receive a real, hand-written letter from me. Ten people said that yes, they would. I took it upon myself to write an 11th letter to an old friend who I’d been out of contact with for some time as well.

I mailed the first letter out to my sister-in-law, Diana on June 20th. And today, August 12th, 2011, I mailed the final letter out.

I decided that I really like writing letters, even though it is slower, more expensive and more inconvenient than email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. At one point back in July, I was on a letter-writing binge and there were a couple days when I wrote two letters a day.

It takes more effort, yes, but it is so much more satisfying, at least for me (and I hope the recipients too). So far, I have received two replies and have been overjoyed to open my mailbox and find them. Sitting down and reading them, I feel so much closer to the people who sent them. The messy handwriting is sometimes like a code and the feel of paper between my fingers is comforting.

Despite the additional effort, I’m going to continue to try to write at least one letter a month. The problem is, I might run out of people to send them to. Let me know if you want one; if you receive one from me, be sure to write back.



P.S.: Here’s a picture I took at the Saigon Central Post Office at lunchtime when I mailed the final letter.