The conclusion of my letter writing project, round 1

On June 17th, 2011, I send out a message on Twitter and Facebook asking friends outside of Vietnam if they would like to receive a real, hand-written letter from me. Ten people said that yes, they would. I took it upon myself to write an 11th letter to an old friend who I’d been out of contact with for some time as well.

I mailed the first letter out to my sister-in-law, Diana on June 20th. And today, August 12th, 2011, I mailed the final letter out.

I decided that I really like writing letters, even though it is slower, more expensive and more inconvenient than email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. At one point back in July, I was on a letter-writing binge and there were a couple days when I wrote two letters a day.

It takes more effort, yes, but it is so much more satisfying, at least for me (and I hope the recipients too). So far, I have received two replies and have been overjoyed to open my mailbox and find them. Sitting down and reading them, I feel so much closer to the people who sent them. The messy handwriting is sometimes like a code and the feel of paper between my fingers is comforting.

Despite the additional effort, I’m going to continue to try to write at least one letter a month. The problem is, I might run out of people to send them to. Let me know if you want one; if you receive one from me, be sure to write back.



P.S.: Here’s a picture I took at the Saigon Central Post Office at lunchtime when I mailed the final letter.


7 thoughts on “The conclusion of my letter writing project, round 1”

  1. I just read John Simon’s Requiem for the Longhand Missive, and though I would like to respond to him by personal letter, I’m doing it by blog post. I would do it by hand, but his postal address is not posted on his blog page, and if I were to write a handwritten letter, I wouldn’t be able to share his post (and my response) with you.

  2. Great post! I specially like this part “Sitting down and reading them, I feel so much closer to the people who sent them. The messy handwriting is sometimes like a code and the feel of paper between my fingers is comforting.”. Yes, this exactly my feeling when I received a letter from my friend – “closer”. The handwriting make me feel closer than the typing by computer.
    And I am happy as I can find one person who like handwriting letter, when I said I prefer letter by handwriting than email, most of my friends laugh at me, they think I am weird, while now email is faster and more comfortable, they didn’t agree that the handwriting bring the feeling of closer.

  3. Hey Alicia, you know, all you have to do is send me a message with your address and you’ll get a letter yourself…

    Quyen, thanks for reading and commenting. Perhaps I could write a letter to someone in Vietnam… But I’m warning you, my handwriting is rather messy 😉

  4. Hahaha….Let’s see if I can read. I am super as guessing the meaning of messy handwriting because I have to read alots messy handwriting at my work 😉

  5. I know, I know…I want to make sure I have it in me to write back! So when that time comes, I will let you know. I have a lot to say and I’m interested to see what you have to say, and to try to de-code your handwriting. I am also interested to see what my handwriting actually looks like

  6. The Saigon Post Office! I still have some stamps I bought there! And I’m almost certain you were there! Ah, memories…

    I would love a letter. I think I meant to respond to your first request for addresses but somehow didn’t (probably phone difficulties…Facebook for iPhone sucks).

    My address:
    PO Box 407
    Trenton, OH 45067

    I *will* write back. I think I even have some international stamps somewhere…

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