Low Unemployment and Low Population

President Obama just gave a big speech on jobs and job creation. In an article that I was reading, I saw a map highlighting which states had high and low unemployment rates. I also noticed that a sparsely populated state where I used to live (South Dakota) had a low rate of unemployment. So then I went over to Wikipedia and got some numbers. Here’s what I came up with:

Am I the only one to see this correlation? And if it is indeed a correlation, what’s the explanation?


1 thought on “Low Unemployment and Low Population”

  1. well, an obvious answer is that no one wants to move to these places… so fewer people competing for open jobs = lower unemployment rate. The problem is much more complex than that, but I think it’s definitely a contributor. Some of the jobs I applied for in “cool” places to live (OR, NM, etc) had 200-300 applicants. The job I landed in BFE Indiana had 15.

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