Who controls the present…

A popular local news source for us expatriates in Vietnam is Tuoi Tre News, which is online and posts several articles a day in English. However, I couldn’t help but notice this trend over the past week or so.

October 30th, 2011: “Foreign criminals are on the rise: police chief,” reads the headline.

Then, as if to support this statement…

November 4th, 2011: “Reverse alchemy as foreigners trick jeweler,” states the headline for this story.

And then, just yesterday…

November 6th, 2011: “Foreigners steal $750 from post office.”

For a news website that only posts a few new local stories (i.e. not wire stories) a day, I find this “coincidence” highly amusing. I wonder what us dangerous, criminal foreigners will be up to this week? Something has to happen; we have to prove the police chief right.


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