Why I’m Cutting Down on Social Media

I’m sick of social media. There, I said it. And I feel better for saying so.

As much as social media platforms get billed as the next big innovation in terms of life and living over the past few years, how much have these services benefited me in real terms? I guess that was the question that took root in my mind. I’d noticed for some time how much of the day I wasted looking through Facebook, scrolling on Twitter, checking in on Foursquare, not to mention the other platforms I’d download to my phone and try, all the while seeking social media enlightenment.

I’d begun to feel overwhelmed and exhausted with social media, while at the same time addicted to it and wanting more posts and links to articles and silly pictures and pithy comments.

Finally, just last week, a well-timed letter (you know, made of paper and ink) arrived from a friend, describing a couple at a restaurant that didn’t interact with each other at all, but instead played on their phones the entire time. I think that was the tipping point. Since then, I’ve uninstalled the Twitter plugin for my computer at work, have not looked at Facebook or Google Plus and have not checked in on Foursquare. Enough is enough.

Short of closing my accounts down, I will instead use them as distribution channels for this blog.

Oh, and just from being off of this social media stuff for a couple days, I can already feel my stress levels falling. There is a ton of information out there, but I’ll just choose to read less of it now.

As far as communicating with friends now, and old-fashioned text message will have to do.


5 thoughts on “Why I’m Cutting Down on Social Media”

  1. Marc and I notice the couples and friends that do that all the time (play on their phones instead of interacting).

    we definitely have a “no phones” rule when we’re out to dinner or anywhere that requires listening and talking to one another

    1. I just found myself, whether on the phone or computer, constantly checking for something new on Twitter or Facebook, constantly checking in on Foursquare, etc. I just need to take a break and reveal to myself that these things aren’t that important in the scheme of things.

  2. Finally taking your sabbatical? Social media can be controlling if we let them to be. Personally I tend to use them for news now. One question though – how about the good contacts you make via social media? If you cut off your social media usage, you’re cutting them off too.

    1. That is huge consideration for me, and probably the most difficult. Perhaps I will limit social media to the weekends(?). I’m still not sure, but I certainly don’t want to cut out those people from my life either. The way I see this, now (and for the next three months or so) is just a point in my life where I need to spend less time playing around with things, like social media, and focus on some truly important things in my life.

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