I don’t think I can give up social media…

Well, it’s been over 10 days since I reduced my social media usage to a minimum. Unfortunately, over this period, I have come to learn how much I depend on it, especially Twitter. Perhaps it’s just being an expatriate that makes Twitter so useful; it’s basically a mini-expatriate community online, and this can be very helpful at times.

I also found myself logging onto Facebook at one point to find the contact details of a friend who I hadn’t been in touch with for several years. At this point, Facebook is like a friend and acquaintance depository.

So yes, social media, you beat me; I am dependent on you. However, I will attempt to be more mindful when using these services in the future.


3 thoughts on “I don’t think I can give up social media…”

  1. It’s funny how you look at Social Media. I love Twitter and i think what it can achieve is limitless. I love how I can shape it to exactly being what I want it to be by following the people I find most interesting.

    Facebook for me is just life. I don’t find it amazing or incredible or particularly fun, it’s just there. It’s conversation, albeit it with a wider set of friends that I’d other have access to. But, like the well worn line – it’s people you used to know, not necessarily people you want to know (as Twitter is).

    Then there are the other things that are just a waste of time. Foursquare is just banal and I continue to wonder why people waste their time. LinkedIn is for executives who think they get social media but there is nothing to get about LinkedIn. I lasted a day on Pinterest then decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

    Twitter and blogging are my thing – all the rest if at worst a waste of time or an irritant. But it’s just life now. The platforms may not be here for ever but those that are bed in are probably here for a pretty long time.

    1. I’ve been thinking that I should focus more on blogging myself. As I noted, Twitter is quite useful at times as an expatriate in a large city. However, Twitter can also be quite time consuming at times, and I think that’s the reason that I was feeling overwhelmed. I like the usefulness, but don’t like the overwhelmingness.

  2. I always tell people in social media that blogging is for leaders and everything else is for followers. Most SM tools are just signposts. Blogs are a destination. If you’re not creating then all you are doing is sharing other people’s content.

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