Obligatory April Post

Just realized that I haven’t posted anything this month. I attribute this to the fact that Ngan and I have been traveling quite a bit. Tomorrow will mark the third weekend in a row that we will not be in Saigon. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

-April 14-15: Singapore. Yep, I’d never been there and wanted to visit to see what it was like. And I did. Clean and expensive city.

-April 21-23: Nha Trang. Ngan had never been there, and they last time I was there was Christmas, 2006 (when my youngest niece was born). It was a nice visit and I introduced Ngan to sunbathing and the basics of floating (she can’t swim).

-April 27-May 2: Long Xuyen. It’s a long weekend due to two holidays and it’s time for a visit. Looking forward to it.

This traveling stuff takes a lot of time, but I like it. Hopefully this summer we’ll hit a couple more destinations in the country and region.