Yesterday the phone call came. Right before I was about to go and wash dishes, the phone rang and the caller ID said unknown. I picked up not knowing what to expect. It was MCC and I have been invited to serve in Viet Nam. I didn’t need any time to think about it.

I hate to be incredibly corny and all, but this means that in the book of my short life, a page is about to be turned, and another chapter is about to be delved into. This means going way out of my comfort zone of the Midwest; it means leaving behind almost everything that has made me who and what I am. I think it will be for the very best though.


I just received an email saying that if things fall together properly I may be attending MCC orientation in October/November. Well, the plans that I was drawing up for this fall may be changing.

What I intend this site for is so that people who I am close with can keep somewhat up to date with me, without annoying mass emails.  My life is in a period of transitioning right now, and who knows where I will be in the near future.

I aim not for this to be used to spread gossip, nor as an outlet for my anger and frustration, but rather as a place to write observations of the world as my life groans onword.  Perhaps not many people will read anyhow.